After a week Pilgrims condition has improved again.

Leoba is a silent white woman. After his recovery, it leads Pilgrim into their world of thoughts. Speaking of their faith, their feelings and their experiences, teaches him their knowledge.

Also Pilgrim opens it, he tells her about the village, Marzon, the healer who came over the mountains and of his dream faces.

Leoba told him his dream. " Virgil screams in a dream to me, I 'll tell you what you must do. Get him back to you and take care of him. He's your brother like me your sister. Help him and stand him in, he has it hard enough. "

Over the year they studied on their way through the mountains to minerals that the people down in the village appreciate. Every year she finds beautiful specimens bought by other people. She knows the healing powers of the mountains, and can be addressed by the plants.

She tells him on the long walks through the high forest, the ruined city of Javavum, of the last novels was the healer there. He has passed on her knowledge, she has been initiated into the secrets of nature.

And she tells of his violent death of people are afraid of everything and be abused by it.

She leads him around on the wooded plateau, she shows him that up here was once a sea, she knows the places where the mussels are open. The Kuhtritte as unfree say below. She shows him the other side of the ridge, he meets a whole new world. He'll get the feel for the almost limitless expanse of the mountains. She shows him her mountain sanctuary shortly before the transition after Salafelda. He scares terribly when he sees a cross on which a dead man, but she understands empathetic to tell of Jesus, he begins to understand. After a short climb over the mountain peak he sees for the first time the forest valleys below, and the few houses village. He is amazed.

" Sight glass, ham down there 's again an area newly cleared for salt mining. If the carry on so one day they will also cut down up here yet, then everything will change. When the forest disappears, the animals disappear first, then the earth until only the rocky remains, everything will be just a stone desert. " She said this very seriously. Pilgrim knew she was a sage.
Before the new snow falls again, the time of taking leave, after weeks of togetherness comes Leoba for the period of silence. He thanks her, and promises to come back next year. He holds her in his arms, he kisses her and turns around. It falls a little snow, it is high time to go.

He climbs back down into the valley where he came from earlier this year. At the lower mountain sanctuary, he brings a bouquet of flowers as a sacrifice for his rescue.
On the surface under high he makes a catch, the mountain forest has already started to color reddish. It will not be long until the first snow comes down into the valley, it's cold.

The first man he meets on the way home is Virgil. Virgil screams loudly and comes stumbling with arms outstretched toward him, hugging and kissing him, he is ecstatic. " Pilgrim is here again, Virgil goes with Pilgirm " " Yes Virgil you come to me now, I'll take care of you. "

When he kommtist back the whole village on the legs, some had no longer believed in his return. They rejoice with him over the safe return and celebrate with him a feast. Marzon is proud of his students, he has found a worthy successor in him.


The next year, shortly after the snow melts he rises up again, he must once again speak with Leoba. He still has many unanswered questions.
This time when he again reached the high plateau, it still looks large remnants of the last snow 's, it must have been a strong winter.

When he comes to the bend in the road he sees the hut. The roof is pressed. A strange feeling creeps over him. How are Leoba ? The chimney does not smoke.
He starts to run, it drops a deep, hardly comes forward, it takes him almost breathless. Snow in the cottage, everything is destroyed. He starts digging with his hands. At the camp, he finds her dead body. The cold has received it. Pilgrim 's crying.

One night he stops at her watch. With a shovel he began to dig a grave, but the ground is still frozen. Thereupon he carries the body into a crevice, places it gently from there, buried them in his rite, in the end he still speaks a prayer she had learned it from their religion and covers her dead body with stones to. Sadly, he is on his way back.

In the run he realizes that life goes on. He belongs to his village, where they need it, where they need his knowledge of the disease to the weather to the way of nature, there needs him Virgil.
He has left a man whom he knew only very briefly, but who has given him unspeakably much, they will continue to live in him.
Epilogue :
The story takes place in the late eighth Century. The scene on the high plateau is today's Stone Sea between Berchtesgaden and Saalfelden. At that time the surface of the stone sea, caled "Steinernes Meer", was still forested and untouched. 1000 years later, is a visitor of the local shepherds in 1852 stated: " It must be terribly wirth companies until one, as shown by the rhizomes, deprive this vast alpine area of their enormous tree trunks could. Nows it would be in vain, even to want to re- aim with the greatest The utmost forests here, because of the reduced urgent snow and wind storm every inch of soil washed away long ago to receive seeds. "

The Stone Sea is one as I know it today on this stone desert grew into one of the most beautiful areas I know and yet it touches a painful, if one imagines once forests.
Nowhere to me the change in our environment through our people was conscious.
Gerd J. Wunderer