An artist's book is created , the path from the initial sketch to the book.


Somewhere is an idea that is being held in sketchbook

After various designs, the best ideas will be selected image .

The implementation onto the block is done next. In this work, the sketches are transferred to foam rubber .

With a scalpel, now the non-printing areas are cut out. The forms are now ready.


 In the workshop will be fired up .

The forms are rolled with ink . The paper launched rubbed the paper by hand from the printing block and then peeled .


The most exciting moment when printing is to withdraw the paper and the first look at the finished image . The printed paper is then hung up to dry .


For the title page I selected a rather rare type of printing, the monotype. In this case, an acrylic glass plate is painted with acrylics .

The paper is as already previously placed in the pressure on the push floor and rubbed by hand.


Then we see the success of the work when pulling off the sheet.


The handcarved book cover

Clearly you already recognize the motif worked out here .

Top left , the rudder is visible.

Finally, the relief carving was with white color slightly lightened to enhance the structures and the three-dimensional effect .


The shawl


The cotton cloth was primed with acrylic paint.

Then the drying process follows.

The shawl is now almost completely painted.

And here in all its glory .