2010 Note on my MailArtArbeiten in the book of Franziska Dittert entitled "Mail Art in the GDR: An inter-media subculture in the context of avant-garde".
2012 Publication of a woodblock print by the cath. Bible publisher. In the book series workshop Bible (Book and CD) and in the quarterly journal Bible today

2016 Interview with Dr. Uwe Kullnick from Literatur Radio Bayern (FDA Free German Association of Authors, Landesverband Bayern) at the book-art-exhibition 2016 in the Lyrik Kabinett in Munich. The whole interview can be found at http://www.literatur-radio-bayern.de/index.php/fda-bayern/fda-lyrik-kabinett or https://www.machdeinradio.de/radiobeitrag/fda-lyrik-kabinett-spaziergang-durch-die-die-verkaufs-ausstellung-zeitgenoessische-buchkunst.html.