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Edition 01/2020 "The Way * Zämmagchööra * Ligiom * Connected"

"The Way * Zämmagchööra * Ligiom * Connected"

I begin our journey through time around 260 AD and illuminate the historical path of the Alemanni and how they became the Walser. At the same time I look at the family history of the Pali, Paly, de Paly, as it has developed over the centuries.

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Meditatio - Reflection

... "Where there is no real impulse, there is also no art. When artistic form is not able to confuse the mind of the viewer, and when it does not force him to think differently, it is not topical"...  Antonie Tapies


This book was written after extensive reading of the book "Die Überwindung der Lebensangst" by Prof. Dr. Dr. Eugen Biser. Eugen Biser, in his examination of theological questions, understands how to make the reader rethink his own faith. It was an enrichment for me to deal with his work.

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Issue 09/2017 Memento Mori

Memento Mori, the confrontation with death, his own death, is artistically a very exciting question that one must ask himself. I have attempted to write down my thoughts and feelings in a poem and continue to work artistically in monotypes.

Does this mean for us that we should go into sack and ashes, we must have trouble, whether this prospect that we all must die? Are we depressed because we can not prolong our lives by one minute despite all our efforts?

No, for me the opposite is the case. Because we are mortal, the time left to us is all the more valuable, much too bad to kill this time.

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Issue 02/2016 Christian Koans
At the beginning of March 2015 I visited a lecture that me very much affected. Suddenly the direction was clear. Father Anselm Grün held the lecture. The topic of the evening read “therapeutic religion”. In the course of its lecture the word of the Christian Koan fell. That was then my topic.

It should be so this time sacred book art. This form of book art is hardly to be found. If it was, nevertheless, in the past the base of the religious passing on. Now the subject frame of my new book was certain. Koans, doctrines with at first sight to itself first once to respeaking statements.

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Issue 05/2015 Contemplation
The idea is to transfer the basic pattern of the old carpets to the fragments in my book and fill, i.e. own colors, own patterns and motifs with new life. The carpet fragment begins now to lead a dynamic life of its own. It developed a momentum of its own. Colors that are incompatible according to prevailing opinion, appear side by side. Develop a coexistence, to harmonize to. But also the emotional side of the carpet, his story and the stories behind the story, sounding like music, just as the image painted on a paper start his own song.
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Issue 12/2013 The circus is coming , the circus .

 The circus has for me always been a special charisma . There is the feeling of an unknown , special form of life. Circus is a cross-border life model, a model of the world if they so wish. The risk of exposing the artists to have the courage to tackle seemingly impossible things , boundaries of everyday life exceed all that involves the fascination of the circus.


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Issue 01 /2013 comedy in art

Humor in art
Humor in the book arts
The turning point !
The turning point ?
From the Serious to the Revels ? A fundamental change my expression, my work direction ?
No, but only a conscious extension of my artistic spectrum.

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Issue 11/2011 Dance of Death

Even if we socially no matter how far have the death of us . Inevitably, it will take us even though we have the death is in our culture with a taboo. The death does not count, only life. But death , the ultimate mystery that we will learn , but that is often repressed, is part unserers life.


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Issue 03 /2011 Vanitas , transience , carpet or a carpet of life book

In the carpets, in this book , in every living creature in spite of all beauty. The transience is woven invisibly woven . In his conception of this book was created entirely transitory. It will dissolve in 50 , 100 or 200 years, and this is part of the artistic concept .
Transience has always been a theme in art . Perhaps it is this piece of melancholy to endure this link from " heavy " and even the "courage" to carry this severity .

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Issue 05/2010 Lacrima
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Issue 12/2009 Everyone is king, everyone is fool
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Issue 01/2009 Battaglia di Adua 1896

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Issue 11/2008 The little King
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Issue 10/2008 Requescat in pace
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Issue 08/2007 Il mare
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Issue 10/2007 Lioba
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