Artist books


The Countryman Lenz

This time you get an insight into an artist's book that has been completed in the meantime. This time, unusually, I started with the pictures. Based on the tadelakt technique, the paint was first applied to tissue paper with palette knives. After the drying process, I let myself be inspired by the effect of the resulting picture and worked out the image with charcoal, which showed itself to me after drying. The pictures are now finished. Afterwards I worked on the text of the book. It was absolutely exciting work.

Der Landmann Lenz

The picture shows the front of the painted wooden cover.

Schuber für Künstlerbuch

The book with its slipcase.

Der Landmann Lenz 001

A page from the book. You can read more about the book in my free magazine "Buchkunstwelten" under Download

Artist's book "From the past, into the present and into the future".


Künstlerbuch 002

Künstlerbuch 002

Künstlerbuch 003

With the artist's book I wanted to show that it is essential to be in the present and to live neither in the past nor in a possible future that may come quite differently. Fears of the future can paralyse. This feeling can lead to absolute standstill. It is important to find confidence in a successful life, to find it again in the here and now, not sometime in the far future. Today, the now, decides on tomorrow. It is about human perception, about being awake and staying awake, about becoming awake to the presence in the here and now, which makes it possible to find a firm footing, even when situations seem unmanageable.

Throughout the year




Every year in spring and autumn the starlings gather on an old telephone line after their outward and return flights.
It is a natural spectacle every time they come or go. When they come, the birds are for me the first harbingers of spring, bringing with them confidence in a new year, that soon nature will awaken to new life.
In autumn, when they fly back, melancholy prevails before the approaching winter season.
This interplay of coming and going inspired me to write an artist's book about starlings.
The Unicorn





The unicorn is a mythical creature that is always perceived as existing in our culture. But does a unicorn still exist, or did one ever exist?
Fascinating, apart from this question, is the fact that this idea of the unicorn spans the entire European-Asian area.
The book is largely chronological, but also attempts to show simultaneous developments.

The sketchbook for the unicorn book:

Skizzenbuch Einhornbuch


Too little love!
How long has it been?
Once I'm Gone.

zu wenig Liebe

Wie lange ist es her

Wenn ich mal gegangen bin

These three artist's books from 2016 and 2020 presented in the latest issue of Buchkunstwelten, were created through an artist collaboration between Eckhard Koenig (Berlin) and Gerd J. Wunderer (Augsburg).


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