A book is created

A book is created

An artist's book is created, the path from to book.

Somewhere there is an idea that is recorded in the sketchbook.

After various drafts, the best picture ideas are selected.

The transposition onto the printing block is next. In this work, the sketches are transferred onto foam rubber.

 The non-printing areas are now cut out with a scalpel. The printing blocks are now ready.

Meanwhile, the workshop is heating up.

The printing blocks are rolled in with printing ink. The paper is laid on, the paper is rubbed off the printing block by hand and then removed.

The most exciting moment in printing is the removal of the paper and the first glimpse of the finished image.  The printed paper is now hung up to dry.

For the title page I have chosen a rather rare type of printing, the monotype. Here, an acrylic glass plate is painted with acrylic colours.

As with the print before, the paper is placed on the printing block and rubbed by hand.

Afterwards, the success of the work can be seen when the sheet is peeled off.

The hand-carved book cover. The carved motif is already clearly visible here.

The rudder is visible at the top left.

Finally, the relief carving was lightened a little with white wiped paint to increase the structures and the plastic effect.

The cover cloth.

The cotton cloth was primed with acrylic paint. Afterwards it is dried.

The cover is now almost completely painted.

And here in all its glory.