Coloured paper

Coloured paper in tadelakt technique


With the "Augsburg Paper", a precious brocade paper, Augsburg was known for its coloured papers in the 18th century.

I follow this tradition with hand-painted tadelakt papers. I have started to transfer an old technique onto the paper, which is still mainly applied to the wall, the plaster. However, I do not use lime paints, but acrylic paints, which, however, are applied to the paper in the same technique in several layers on top of each other. This results in "older" layers of paint shining through and creating a very distinctive pattern. As a final varnish, a matt acrylic clear varnish, also applied with a palette knife, covers the coloured paper. Get involved with this tadelakt technique in paper finishing.

There are sheets of this old technique that are intended for further artistic processing. Others are use as signed unique sheets. Due to the production process, there may be some colour bleeding on the reverse side. This is a sign of manual production and not a defect.