Book art

40 years of book art

1982 - 2022

I tell my stories in my own way, complementing the language of words with the language of images in real and abstract form.

Through writing, I unconsciously try to trace the complexity of contemporary life, but also to reveal social conflicts, to make them clear. The reader is put in relation between his world and a world that is perhaps unknown to him. It is precisely at the margins of our society that the foreign, the undiscovered is to be found, what many are looking for. My work is done by perceiving certain social conditions and thus requires the state of being attentive. My texts live from external and internal observation, which I try to write down sensitively.

The images, abstract or real, respond to the text, whereby the inner side of life is decisive and becomes perceptible in harmony with the text. Through the image in particular, but also through the text, I want to address the unconscious that is inherent in everyone.