The spectrum of my works on paper and canvas. 


The wisdom of the sea
Tadelakt technique
approx. 210 cm x 153 cm



The carpet was or is, in the Orient, but also with us, an essential part of the home, the home in its narrower meaning. That is why my work begins with an oriental carpet. In this triptych it is a symbol of home. The reading direction is from right to left, in the sense of the Arabic script.

A flight uproots and leads in its wake to an inner and outer emptiness. Traumatisation remains, what was is no longer valid, everything is different, everything that existed has changed, is no longer reliable. The emptiness that has arisen will only be filled very slowly, often over years, perhaps never. What remains is the hope of a new beginning.

The encounter with the "new world" means entering an unknown living space. The cryptic signs springing from the emptiness on the left half of the triptych symbolise this new world, the language, the rites, the fashion of the place of refuge.

The viewer perceives these cryptic signs in the same way, as incomprehensible, as a person who has had to flee. Everything seems open, foreign and incomprehensible. At the same time, however, this left part of the triptych contains the aspect of hope, without which everything would be nothing. This part of my work contains the idea of moving on, of confidence and of arriving.

The theme of flight is ambivalent. Besides the physical flight of people, the flight from oneself, the inner flight, is also conceivable. It too leads to an emptiness that needs to be filled again, with new life, new goals and new trust in oneself and other people.

The dimensions of the triptych are 0.95 m x 1.15 m (width x height) for each part of the picture, the total dimensions of the work with 0.02 m hanging space between the three parts of the picture are 1.15 m high and 2.89 m wide.